What Are The Best Neighborhoods in Vaughan?

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Jan 19, 2022

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What Are The Best Neighborhoods in Vaughan? 

Vaughan is located in the Southern Ontario region and is the second most populous city in Canada. Over the years, the population has grown by 10.9% since 2011, from 288,301 to 329,100 in 2016. Specifically, it is located in the North York region of ​​Toronto, and covers an area of around 273sq kilometers. The city's business culture has witnessed a manifold growth rate and has successfully achieved exponential development in the past five years. 

Vaughan's successful business model has resulted in more employment for more than 200,000 people by 10,000 different existing companies. Having the highest percentage of employment-to-home ratio in the entire GTA, Vaughan is set to sustain economic growth for the next 20 years. Such a vibrant and grand status of a city is rare, which is why Vaughan is a popular choice among residents. In this article, we have listed the best neighborhoods in Vaughan and why you should consider buying a home there. 

1. Kleinburg

Kleinburg, lying towards the northern end of the city, is one of the best neighborhoods of Vaughan. This community offers its residents and visitors a safe, quiet and exotic lifestyle experience, far away from any sort of chaos, unrest or violence. Kleinburg is preferred by many as it is a posh area, home to several wealthy and prominent groups of people, which reflects the overall grandeur of the entire neighborhood. What's even more intriguing about it is that it incorporates both 19th century traditional houses as well as recently developed estates.

Besides having a luxurious outlook, Kleinburg also comprises extensive tourist attractions. In addition to various shops and restaurants, there is the McMichael Art Gallery, which houses an intricate collection of Canadian art. The area also hosts events such as the annual Christmas tree lighting, Canada Day, and the annual binding rope festival. In terms of outdoor activities, Kleinburg has plenty of places to bike, hike, canoe, and even enjoy cross-country skiing. For those who prefer a more conservative outdoor excursion, the Copper Creek Golf Club is an ideal choice. 

2. Sonoma heights

To the west of Vaughan lies Sonoma Heights, a neighborhood filled with community-conscious young families, which makes it rank among the best neighborhoods in Vaughan. If you are someone who loves living in a community setting in Vaughan, Ontario and connecting with your neighbors, Sonoma Heights is your ideal choice. It is primarily a family community, with an average of two young children per household. Only around 3% of the residents in this area are tenants. In order to become a homeowner in this community, you must be prepared to spend somewhere between $ 780,000 to $ 1.3 million. Major proportion of the houses are meant for single-families, and some are semi-detached or semi-detached. 

3. Woodbridge

There is a lot to love about Woodbridge, especially the intriguing combination of houses; from charming townhomes to large and spacious homes, there is something for every home seeker. All property buyers are likely to find a variety of high-end options in West and East Woodbridge, prices ranging from $791,024 to $1,015,481 on average. About 34% of the permanent residents of this neighborhood are hitched and settled with either one or two children.

In terms of  family-concerned amenities, Woodbridge ranks well as it has high-value local schools like St. Gregory the Great and Glenn Gould Public School. In terms of closeness to nature, it scores well again due to its serene natural beauty. The entire region of Area Flock to Boyd Reserve is a natural wonder, which makes Woodbridge rank among the best neighborhoods in Vaughan. Linguistically, 47% of the population speak Italian and 38% speak English. 

4. Maple 

Maple is certainly one of the best neighborhoods of Vaughan as it is a combination of everything that a resident desires for. Over the years, Maple has been a popular choice of residence due to its new and affordable range of housing facilities. The average price of a home here is $902,339, which is lower than other communities in Vaughan. Talking about the community, 43% of the population in Maple are couples having children. 

Major proportion of residents are English speakers (75%), and the other major linguistic group is Italian speakers (13%). On an overall basis, Maple is an ideal neighborhood to move into with your family, especially if you have children. It has some top-notch schools like Michael Cranny Public School, which can offer quality education to your child. 

5. Weston Downs 

Weston Downs is often considered one of the best neighborhoods in Vaughan for the ones who are looking for an upgrade in their housing community. It lies to the west of Highway 400 and stands between 73 and Langstaff Roads. The greater outlook is that Weston Downs is a neighborhood meaning to entrepreneurs and corporate professionals, but in reality, it is also a family-friendly community. Due to high demand and other lucrative amenities, people flock here in large numbers, which has soared the value of its real estate market. Major proportion of the community is filled with well maintained complexes and single family homes.

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Jan 19, 2022
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